2017 Wilderness Ranger Academy

Rondell & Curt, FoW volunteers, had the privilege of attending the 2017 Wilderness Ranger Academy held at Mesa Verde Nat’l Park in early June.  The Academy brought together a range of attendees from college age seasonal Wilderness Rangers, to scientists, to leaders & senior level USFS professionals.  To a person the attendees went out of their way to convey their thanks for Friends of Wilderness, and similar volunteer organizations, for the work that we do on behalf of Wilderness stewardship. 








Rondell enjoys MVNP’s Balcony House 

tour with Park Service Ranger David Franks









Some key Academy take aways:

·         There is an enthusiastic, capable & motivated new generation lining up to build on the

               great Wilderness work of their predecessors (ie. the young professionals were paying

               attention not playing on their phones)